In Case You Didn't Know...Bad Boys is A Classic

Bad Boys starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith and directed by Michael Bay was released April 7th, 1995 and just celebrated it's 25th anniversary. Reading behind the scenes stories of the film, it comes across as a movie that wasn't suppose to be successful. Decades later people still love the film and yes the term "classic" gets thrown around alot, but I believe the film is a classic here's why. Bad Boys is one of those films I look back as that has stars in them before they were stars. In this case Martin and Will were stars, but they were not the mega stars they would later come to be. Will Smith was mostly known as the clean cut rapper Fresh Prince and star of the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Martin Lawrence was the star of his own self-title TV sitcom Martin and the first host of the HBO series Def Comedy Jam. He was also the hottest Black comic of the early to mid 90's. Joe Pantoliano who played Captain Howard was always that guy you saw in movies that played his role well, who years later people would come to hate as Cyper in The Matrix. Tea Leoni has had a solid career but nothing superstar worthy. Bad Boys took the buddy-cop odd couple formula popularized in the 80's by 48 hours and Lethal Weapon, and turned things up bringing that formula to the 90's. Martin Lawrence is the high strung family man Marcus Burnett, while Will Smith is the laid back smooth ladies man Mike Lowrey. It doesn't take itself too serious and try to be something it is not. The funniest scenes in the movie to me, are the one's where Marcus and Mike knowing one another for years. Are able to bicker and reflect real annoyances they have with one another to distract those around them, long enough to get out of a jam. The chemistry is displayed at the very beginning of the film when they use that method to get out of an attempted carjacking. The two have viewers really believing they've known each other for years and know how to get on one anothers nerves.

The action scenes are typical Michael Bay action scenes, before he was given budgets to just create utter nonsense. My favorite action scene in the film, is the foot chase through the city of Miami which honestly is the scene that probably convinced producers that Will Smith could be a formdiable, marketable action star.

There in lies why Bad Boys is a classic. The story is an typical cop plot, but what it done for the careers of it's major players. It helped Martin Lawrence gain more roles and more clout in Hollywood, giving him the ability write, direct, produce and star in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate a year later. It made Michael Bay the new Hollywood IT boy for large explosive films such as Armageddon, The Rock, and The Transformers movies whether you love them or hate them. It led to roles for Will Smith such as Independence Day and Men In Black, which made him a box office draw off name alone. Eventually Will and Martin joined the $20 million a film club and Bad Boys is the catalyst that sparked those opportunites. Bad Boys also bought the buddy cop formula back that gave films like Rush Hour and The Other Guys a chance to succeed. A second film was released in 2003, and earlier this year the third film in the series Bad Boys For Life released with a box office take of $290 million in the U.S. box office. Along with mostly positive or netural reviews from film criticss Which proved after a 17 year hiatus, Bad Boys as a franchise is still well loved and the groundwork was laid way back in 1995. That my friends makes Bad Boys a classic.

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