Thee Weekly Ratchet Horoscopes 11/17-11/23

Weekly Ratchet horoscope 11/17- 11/23 Aries ♈️ Love is in the air. Don’t keep your loved one guessing it’s ok to express those jealously or trust issues that’s been going on in your mind. Singles keep your mind, heart and neither regions in check Taurus ♉️ Love is in the air for you too! Singles now is the time to get out there a cast your reel in the sea. Remember opposites attract so don’t go looking for another you. Couples try something new in your relationship... whatever that looks like Gemini ♊️ Things may seem to be in a huge cloud of confusion before you over think it pause and remember you got this Cancer ♋️ Let the creativity flow. You’re in design mode go ahead and put that Christmas tree up and get in the holiday spirit Leo ♌️ Try to avoid conflict and drama this week. Someone could unleash the roar in the lion/lioness you are and get more than what they asked for Virgo ♍️ Your social circle is growing it’s ok to come out of that shell and be the charming Virgo that everyone adores you for Libra ♎️ Practice a little self restraint this week. We know you love to adorn yourself in the finer things but, all that frivolous spending can put you in a predicament this week with your finances Scorpio ♏️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎈🎊🎁 it’s still your season but not because we are still in the Scorpio zodiac but your ambitions are supercharged. Take this opportunity to make the most of it... remember it’s your season Sagittarius ♐️ Take some downtime this week to recharge your battery. When you come back out you’ll come back ready to work and fully recharged Capricorn ♑️ You’re having a wonderful week! Communication? Check. Working with your colleagues to complete the task? Check. Harness this positive energy and turn it into something great Aquarius ♒️ You’re career energy is high this week maybe a new job or taking on a new assignment put your everything in to it. The results will be amazing Pisces ♓️ It won’t hurt to go out and explore networking events for work or maybe even a new business venture you’ve been looking to get into. Especially in business if you’ve been looking to get somethings off of your 2019 to do list putting yourself out there will yield in your favor

About The Author

Ms. Jay, a native Baltimorean currently perusing a degree in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Baltimore.

Basically, I am intrigued by studying what makes people act the way they do.

I am a follower of all things zodiac. I love to read about each sign good and dark qualities. Did you know that when, where, and what time we are born, plays a role in our development and can help us determine our life purpose?

Thee Ratchet Horoscopes are authentic entertaining horoscopes from me to share with those who want to know what the stars have in store for you from week to week. Read, enjoy and share them with your friends because it’s all in fun!

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