Thee Weekly Ratchet Horoscopes 11/3-11/9

Aries ♈️ work can be a bit of a challenge this week especially if you have to work on a team project. Be patient with your coworkers everybody is not firing on all cylinders, give them a minute they will catch up Taurus ♉️ now is a good time to start that business you been dreaming about. Time to turn that dream into reality seek a mentor or hire a business coach to help you achieve those results Gemini ♊️ it’s nothing wrong with being outspoken just watch what you say and how you say it. Your tone can be a bit condescending Cancer ♋️ love on your SO this week don’t pay attention to the annoyances they sometimes bring. Focus on the good in them and appreciate them for it Leo ♌️ are you feeling used? Stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own. It’s ok to say no sometimes you have to let people feel your presences being missed for them to truly appreciate you Virgo ♍️ taking care of yourself this week is the goal. Eating better, hitting the gym, getting plenty of rest and drinking your water are essential for you. Virgo it’s important for you to take care of you so you can do what you enjoy the most and that’s taking care of others Libra ♎️ time for new friends! Change your circle and it could change your life. Personally or professionally just get out there in some social circles Scorpio ♏️ your home sweet home could use an overhaul time to clear up your space, de clutter to make space for new stuff Sagittarius ♐️ reach out to that friend you turned your back on. We’re moving into a new year a whole new decade. Dear sag let’s end this year on a high note. The less enemies the best Capricorn ♑️ finding it hard this week to stick to your schedule? Wait a minute did you even make one? If you haven’t. Make one and stick to it. If you have make sure you check it and check it often. You will find your days will go a lot smoother when you know the direction you’re going in Aquarius ♒️ all work and no play just aren’t in the cards for you this week. You need time to spend with friends and family Pisces ♓️ focus on your finances. Don’t worry about that new outfit save those coins

About The Author

Ms. Jay, a native Baltimorean currently perusing a degree in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Baltimore.

Basically, I am intrigued by studying what makes people act the way they do.

I am a follower of all things zodiac. I love to read about each sign good and dark qualities. Did you know that when, where, and what time we are born, plays a role in our development and can help us determine our life purpose?

Thee Ratchet Horoscopes are authentic entertaining horoscopes from me to share with those who want to know what the stars have in store for you from week to week. Read, enjoy and share them with your friends because it’s all in fun!

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