Thee Weekly Ratchet Horoscopes 10/27-11/03

Aries ♈️ keep it 100 this week honesty is the best policy. It’s ok to be clear and direct about what you want but work on your delivery Aries y’all tend to have sharp tongue Taurus ♉️ stop blaming everyone else for your short comings it’s your own fault! Own your ish and act accordingly. Time to make that list and stick to you and hold yourself accountable Gemini ♊️ you’re on a roll this week Gemini’s. Keep up those good routines you’re going to need it to get through these next couple of weeks when everything is going to seem like it’s going crazy Cancer ♋️ romance is on the rise for you this week. If you’re single pay more attention to those around you love is probably under your nose and couples reignite your union Leo ♌️ pay very close attention to details everything is not always what it seems. Double check your schedule and confirm everything Virgo ♍️ you’re opening yourself up to learning new things this week so try not to let anything distract you. This new lesson will pay off in the end Libra ♎️ you have the power to get what you want. Use it wisely Scorpio ♏️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎁🎂 this is your season to celebrate not just for being born under this zodiac sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and is the sign for new beginnings and getting clear on what you want and also having the desire to go get it Sagittarius ♐️ it’s time to have a come to Jesus moment with friends and family to see who’s really in your corner Capricorn ♑️ be more in tune to your surroundings. Be in the now live for today tomorrow is not promised Aquarius ♒️ steadfast with your adhering to your schedule. Stay on task it will pay off in the end Pisces ♓️ time to set out on a new adventure. See what all life has to offer

About The Author

Ms. Jay, a native Baltimorean currently perusing a degree in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Baltimore.

Basically, I am intrigued by studying what makes people act the way they do.

I am a follower of all things zodiac. I love to read about each sign good and dark qualities. Did you know that when, where, and what time we are born, plays a role in our development and can help us determine our life purpose?

Thee Ratchet Horoscopes are authentic entertaining horoscopes from me to share with those who want to know what the stars have in store for you from week to week. Read, enjoy and share them with your friends because it’s all in fun!

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