Jesus Is King album Review

As promised in EVERY HOUR, the Sunday Service Choir certainly does “sing ’til the power of the Lord comes down.” JESUS IS KING acts as a vehicle of the works of Jesus Christ according to Kanye West. To some, his ability to be righteous is somewhat uncanny. Leading up to its release, Mr. West introduced the idea of focusing on spirituality through what seemed to be a random act of trolling. Many Christians at some point in their lives devote their time and energy to informing everyone, everywhere of the works and wonders of God and Jesus Christ. That is what gospel meaning after all. Many Christians will agree ideologically on the overall tone of the album, but a rapper making Gospel music has been somewhat confusing for most. Yet Christian rap has grown in popularity throughout the past 10 years. Although known for his genius, being scrutinized for his erratic alteration of views in the past 2 years has been a reality for the artist.

Following that notion, there’s SELAH. A sonic build up of faith and power if you will. “If you woke then wake up.” A simple line that holds great weight in the song. It’s Kanye’s apparent opinion on people’s ability to see what’s really going on. Ironically, many have claimed he’s been in a “sunken place”. FOLLOW GOD references his encounter with his father which ends in an argument. After words were exchanged his father then says, “That’s not Christ-like”. Confused on his fathers ability to provoke the situation then hypocritically reference Christ. The woes of everyday life, its ups and downs and wrestling between right and wrong. Ultimately resulting in a back and forth of spirituality is relevant for many.

CLOSED ON SUNDAY is a comparison to Chic-Fil-A and literally being shut down and shut off from the world. Assuming Kanye has imagined being completely emerged in family, friends or community and things that matter... not social media or other distractions. “No more living for the culture, we’re nobodies slaves”. What seems to be a running narrative throughout this work is that Kanye will no longer do things that “the culture” expects. Making choices that benefit family and community is an attainable quest. A promise to the listener, ON GOD is his devotion to those claims.

Self care and a selfless lifestyle is encouraged in EVERYTHING WE NEED. With features from Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons the 808 infused ballad is for those who find themselves wanting more and not appreciating what already exists. GOD IS speaks on everything in Kanye’s life that he attributes to God. He embraces the love of God and attests he will tell everyone all that God has done. Not idols, superficialities or circumstances. “Nothing worse than a hypocrite, change he ain’t really different.” HANDS ON featuring Fred Hammond solicits the argument between citizen and law enforcement vs Christianity and lifestyle. Speaking on judgements from supposed Christians and the strength that God instills in spite of.

At the end of the day, “Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess Jesus is Lord.” JESUS IS LORD offers a simple yet pleasing ending to an expansive thought process. A repetitive chant many followers of Jesus Christ have uttered. Obviously this album has no relative connection to your ear if you don’t believe in or acknowledge Jesus Christ in general or as a savior. Though fans of Kanye will more than likely not understand the change in content, others may appreciate the art of artistry. It is clear that at the moment he has taken an enlightened path and wants others to join in the awakening. JESUS IS KING is a distinct 808 representation of Gospel music according to Kanye.

About The Author

Shanni began writing poetry at an early age. Born in Newark, yet raised in East Orange, New Jersey she started expressing herself through creative writing. Those creations, nationally acclaimed, initiated a validation that has moved her to write pieces driven by emotion. A now songwriter, Shanni credits her podcast experiences for initiating an interest in journalism and media.

While her passion may be songwriting, she has always felt an obligation to keep others informed. Topics may vary, but her stance remains consistent. Knowing is imperative for growth. Oftentimes, Shanni’s writing are honest yet useful. Whether it’s a musical review, local and national covering, or a shorty story her goal is to invoke thought. Thoughts that lead to conversations and eventually initiate a needed change.

Follow her on IG @d_overweightloveher

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