Lamar Has Arrived

No one expects a 22-year Quarterback to become the leader with only playing 16 games in such a young career but that’s what happened against the Seahawks on October 21st, 2019. Lamar is no stranger to making big plays on the college level or the pro level but the knock on him has been that he couldn’t beat the better teams in the NFL; loss to the Chargers (playoffs 2018) and Chiefs twice. However, that all changed on that rainy Sunday in Seattle, against the 12th man and current front runner for the MVP, Russell Wilson.

The pivotal moment happened towards the end of the 3rd quarter after the Ravens failed to convert a 3rd and 15. Harbaugh put the field goal unit to go up by 3 but Lamar was adamantly vying for Harbaugh to let him go for it; when Harbaugh asked Lamar if he was sure he wanted to go, Lamar said, “Hell yeah” and told his offense, “let’s go get it.” The Ravens offense went back out there and Lamar scored on a QB keeper up the middle to go up by 7. That moment reminded me when Ray Lewis ripped the ball away from Eddie George in the AFC divisional game, in 2000, against the Titans and solidified him as the leader and face of the franchise.

It was great to see Lamar get pissed when the Ravens got a delay of game on that game sealing drive and when he was pacing up and down the sidelines to go back in the game and get that touchdown. For years, Ravens fans had to convince themselves that “Cool Joe” was just even keel and that it would pay off in tense situations when cooler heads should prevail. However, that was a ruse Ravens fans told themselves because they’ve never had a playmaker at QB. Football is an emotional game that has moments where the team must enforce their will on the other, cursing out teammates and tossing helmets at the bench. Lamar gained the trust of the offense, coaching staff and fan base on that 5-minute drive and with that newfound trust, great things are in store for him and the Ravens.

About The Author

Born and raised in Baltimore, graduate of Woodlawn High school and graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Avid Orioles and Ravens fan since day 1 and just all around sports junkie. I’ve been writing articles for 2 years now and I also host my podcast “Live from the hammock” on Facebook and Youtube during the NFL season. Follow me for all things Ravens and Orioles and my articles on Instagram (agent_beige) and Twitter (@miwelsthegreat).

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