Thee Weekly Ratchet Horoscopes

Aries ♈️ find common ground in your relationships. It’s ok to agree to disagree and keep an open mind Taurus ♉️ get into yourself this week skip the parties and do things that make you happy and feed your soul Gemini ♊️ get out and get social. Go out with your new hair or new wardrobe and show off that true Gemini flair that everyone loves you for Cancer ♋️ feeling like a homebody this week? It’s ok this is your true comfort zone so go ahead and freshen your place up invite some friends over for a nice home cooked meal Leo ♌️ do something out of the ordinary. If you usually hit the clubs try karaoke. Your creativity is heating up and it’s time you zero in on it trying new things can open up parts of you, you didn’t know existed Virgo ♍️ with all the green you been seeing Virgo spend some of that money on yourself. Splurge on something nice Libra ♎️ happy birthday 🎈🎁🎊 take some time in between the turn ups and plan something’s out we’re in the last quarter of the year. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do in 2019? It’s not to late Scorpio ♏️ new energy is on the way prepare yourself by letting go of things or people that don’t serve you. Clear you calendar for today get some rest and prepare for the workweek Sagittarius ♐️ you need alone time to disconnect. Last weeks forecast you needed to get out and connect with people socially this week is a rest week but continue to stay away from social media. Stop pouring your heart out and posting subliminal messages. We don’t care Capricorn ♑️ you damn sea goats are all the same. Your career is driving you in different directions this week. It’s ok go with the flow. I know that’s hard for you but it will pay off in the end Aquarius ♒️ chill out air head. You been taking on too many tasks and it’s time to pump the breaks Pisces ♓️ feeling like a fish out of water? Stop playing hard to get, stop with the smoke and mirrors. Open yourself up to others when you do you won’t feel so awkward and out of place after all

About The Author

Ms. Jay, a native Baltimorean currently perusing a degree in Behavioral Psychology at the University of Baltimore.

Basically, I am intrigued by studying what makes people act the way they do.

I am a follower of all things zodiac. I love to read about each sign good and dark qualities. Did you know that when, where, and what time we are born, plays a role in our development and can help us determine our life purpose?

Thee Ratchet Horoscopes are authentic entertaining horoscopes from me to share with those who want to know what the stars have in store for you from week to week. Read, enjoy and share them with your friends because it’s all in fun!

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