Happy 20th Birthday To "The Wood"

July 17, 2019



                                There are a couple movies I think we all would deem as cult classics.


We can quote them word for word and make people give us a look because they have no idea what we are talking about . On July 16, 1999 , “The Wood” was released in theaters, it brought in $26 million at the box office with a $6 million budget.  The movie starred a lot of our favorites actors at the time, Omar Epps, Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan. The movie centers around three friends who come together for Roland’s (Taye Diggs)wedding , however there are a few stops in the road . While getting Roland sober from the night before , after finding him at his ex’s house they stroll down memory lane on their time in “The Wood”(Englewood , California).



I feel like everyone who has ever saw the movie has a favorite line and moment . I would say my favorite part of the movie is during the robbery scene inthe convenience  store and them getting stopped by the cops after..




 However , being the hopeless romantic that I am I lived for the scenes with a younger Mike played by Sean Nelson(The Corner, Fresh) and Alicia(Malinda Williams). Just seeing how their relationship blossomed from touching her butt and getting beat up by her brother . To them losing their virginity to each other and being in a relationship .  


By the end of the movie , we see Roland marrying Lisa(Lisa Raye)  and Mike coming face to face with Alicia. Til this day I would have loved a sequel, only due to some things said in the movie. Like at the end when Mike asked is it was cold back east , insinuating that he would be following her there . 



Whether you loved it or hated it , it still goes on the list of cult classics with The Best Man, Love and Basketball and so many others. I feel like at that time blacks were dominating the industry with romantic comedies . There were a batch of actors that you saw in everything . Til this day Malinda Williams can still play the teenager she played in this and “Sunset Park”. I think that today we don’t have as much creativity as we did then. I love romantic comedies and I think instead of remaking everything , we can create many more.. 


-"No Show Shaina"


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