The NBA is fun again

The NFL offseason has been in a word…boring but that is not the case with the NBA. Since Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors stopped a three-peat from the warriors, the drama began with “where is Zion going?” “Are the Lakers going to get rid of Lebron” “Where is Kyrie going?” and “Does Kawhi stay in Toronto?” Usually this time of year, the NFL dominates all the coverage with training camp, late offseason signings and contract extensions but not this summer. Since Free Agency opened, over $3 billion in contracts have been signed; players are making more money than the top Quarterbacks like Brady, Wentz and Rodgers as far as guaranteed money. On Friday night, parity in the NBA became an actual reality and an actual legitimate championship battle has begun.

The NFL, however, only has news of trying to deal with more players committing domestic violence, a potential holdout on the horizon for 2020 and the high probability of another Patriots championship (>sigh<). Over the last decade, it has been the Patriots invitational on who would play them in the Superbowl, but we saw the emergence of some young stars in Patrick Mahomes, JuJu-Smith Schuster, the revival of Andrew Luck and young QB’s like Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. However, you need more players to make an impact on the field than it takes on the basketball court. Kawhi and George joining the Clippers have now the made the West and the East wide open; teams like the Blazers, Clippers, Lakers, Jazz, Spurs, Rockets and Nuggets all have legitimate chances of winning a title, along with Celtics, 76ers, Bucks, Raptors, Magic and Nets to round out all the contenders. The NFL, on the other hand, have only the Patriots, Eagles and Saints.

The coverage of both leagues is also drastically different. NBA analysts are very candid about the players, front office movements and the drama of the season, NFL analysts seem to be afraid of their own shadow when talking about the league as to not upset their cash cow; contracts, drama and inner working are kept quiet and away from prying eyes. The NBA, in its transparency, has given a very real feel to the league and it allows its players to express their views on any social topics that they need to show to the world. There is a reason why people love wrestling; we want to see the backstabbing, the journey to take the belt, creating factions and intrigue. The NBA lets people in, the NFL keeps people out.

The NBA provides so much more content, such as the G-League, Summer League, FIBA world championships and its wealth of culturally diverse athletes. The NFL only has the season, no minor or developmental leagues, season is over and we all have to wait until August for the season to begin. The NBA is currently winning the cultural war over the NFL in giving its consumers more of what they want, while the NFL continues to try and tell you want you want. The fans in the WWE spoke up when they tried to force Roman Reigns on them, the NFL should use that as a warning. Now all we need is for the NBA to return to NBC but maybe that’s wishful thinking.

About The Author

Born and raised in Baltimore, graduate of Woodlawn High school and graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Avid Orioles and Ravens fan since day 1 and just all around sports junkie. I’ve been writing articles for 2 years now and I also host my podcast “Live from the hammock” on Facebook and Youtube during the NFL season. Follow me for all things Ravens and Orioles and my articles on Instagram (agent_beige) and Twitter (@miwelsthegreat).

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