I Talked to God

I talked to God because I wanted some clarity. I asked him why. I wanted to know why it felt like I was at sea caught in a storm. Just when I thought the waters were calm, they started raging again. Why are my waters never calm? I also felt like he was threatening to take away things I held dear. I worked so hard to obtain those things and didn’t want to let them go. I loved and appreciated those things, so why was he doing this to me.

I talked to God because I wanted to know why was I put in so many challenging situations? Challenge after challenge kept arising! I went from no money and no job; got a job and it could be taken away. My mother’s health was manageable, then took a drastic turn. It seemed like every time I overcame one challenge a new challenge presented itself. I wanted to know why he was torturing me. I also didn’t want a typical church answer like “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors,” or “Don’t worry God is always in control”

There was silence, Then I heard a voice say “Is a storm always so bad?” You saw this storm as something bad that was causing you pain. I wanted you to see it as a cleansing in your life. Did I put you through a storm, or was that a result of your own decisions? I told you to slow down, that you were moving too fast. You chose not to and crashed. I told you, your mother was dying and you asked me for peace and strength to be able to handle it. I gave you exactly what you asked me for. You claim I was threatening to take everything you loved. I gave you that job and money so that you could improve yourself, and bring honor to my name. You attached your value to them, and now if you lose them you think you don’t have any value. That’s on you, not me.

The conversation very enlightening. One of the biggest things I learned was focus. I have chosen to shift my focus. I have chosen to focus on where I want my life to go, not where it is now. I focus on the lessons I can learn from these challenges. Changing my focus has shown me that this storm has cleansed my life, not made it more difficult. The point is focus determines your attitude. Change your focus you will change your perspective. Change your perspective you will change your attitude. Change your attitude you will change your life.

About The Author

Dash is a modern-day “classic” man. He’s a military man, a Alpha Man, a inspirational speaker and everything in between. You can find him at your next party being the life of it and always stressing to have a good time. Follow him on all social media needs @aguynamedash and @visionarypresentations

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