Here We Go Again

In a city that has struggled for decades to turn it around its image around, the mayor getting caught up in some shit is not unexpected but also is not something we need. Mayor Catherine Pugh battling a recent case of pneumonia has to take an indefinite leave of absence to focus on her “health” after it has come out she was working some big money deals under the table. As a member of the University of Maryland Medical System board of directors she received $500,000 for a series of books she wrote “Healthy Holly”. She also received $100,000 from Kaiser Permanente for the purchase of her books, while Kaiser was vying for a city contract. We all know that is a serious conflict of interest.

Just last week former Police commissioner Daryl De Sousa was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for tax fraud. His original planned successor Joel Fitzgerald was nominated for the position earlier this year but withdrew for “family reasons” amid more thorough investigations into his background and resume claims. Now Police commissioner Michael Harrison bought in from New Orleans is providing some stability to the city police department as they work under a federal consent decree to reform the entire department.

Michael Harrison seems to be doing a good job so far and I wish him much success as Baltimore’s commissioner to reverse the crime trend that has plagued the city for what seems forever. As he is getting a handle on the position and the city this news comes out about Mayor Pugh and once again the administration of Baltimore City local government has some type of scandal to deal with.

Scandals are a part of politics it’s just a part of the game, but this is another example of how Baltimore cannot get out of its own way. Any progress made is often overshadowed by some shenanigans going on to briefly halt that progress. I don’t agree with everything Mayor Pugh has done in her administration, but I honestly believe she’s serious about turning Baltimore around for the better.

I just want the best for Baltimore, it’s my hometown and has so much potential. Of course no place is perfect and has its own issues, but many of Baltimore’s problems are a result of Baltimore blocking Baltimore. Hopefully we can move past this scandal and continue to turn things around.

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B.Easy is the co-host of Talkin' Suplexes. He's a self-professed geek loving movies, wrestling, comic books, and using his imagination. Goal in life is to become to a world traveler and get paid to hop on lear jets. Follow him on Instagram @iam_beasy, Follow Talkin' Suplexes @talkinsuplexespod

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