Artist Review Summer Walker

From start to finish I felt obligated to go deeper than the initial feeling. So I repeated the EP over and over again. I didn’t mind... Summer Walker represents a vibe that is undeniable, her energy is relevant, and the influence is apparent. Emotions are high throughout this four song declaration of what it’s like to be in and out of love. Her needs have certainly changed since her first album, “Last Day of Summer.” This Atlanta songstress prides herself on remaining low key and the vibe doesn’t lie.

“Riot” starts as a plea from an exhausting undeniable love. An attachment to someone that becomes routine. “Grave” proceeds with an in your face, I said what I said opening. “One more n***a come around these parts, talkin’ that shit. Put it on my grave!” As promising as the lyrics may be the words resonate with a fed up mentality. Summer makes it very clear what she will and will not tolerate. Sultry adlibs and beautiful harmonies are perfect in transition. “Wasted”, a sweet confession of an experience with someone that’s somewhat intoxicating. Summer concludes this journey with “Settling”. Asking herself questions about life, love and the aftermath of the two. “I can’t live with you but I can’t live without you.” It’s apparent that whatever the situation its been lingering, mentally and emotionally. Reminiscing those moments that make the relationship work make it that much harder to decide the casualty. Enjoy acoustics, good vibes, real emotions, give Summer Walker a listen.

About The Author

Shanni began writing poetry at an early age. Born in Newark, yet raised in East Orange, New Jersey she started expressing herself through creative writing. Those creations, nationally acclaimed, initiated a validation that has moved her to write pieces driven by emotion. A now songwriter, Shanni credits her podcast experiences for initiating an interest in journalism and media.

While her passion may be songwriting, she has always felt an obligation to keep others informed. Topics may vary, but her stance remains consistent. Knowing is imperative for growth. Oftentimes, Shanni’s writing are honest yet useful. Whether it’s a musical review, local and national covering, or a shorty story her goal is to invoke thought. Thoughts that lead to conversations and eventually initiate a needed change.

Follow her on IG @d_overweightloveher

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