Never Can Say Goodbye

I wrote a good bye letter to alcohol a couple of weeks ago. Writing the letter was tough, but it was therapeutic. It was difficult to say goodbye to something that had been a part of my life for long period of time. Alcohol had been a part of every major event in my life. My ups, my downs, my celebrations, my grieving, my emptiness, and everything else I had done. I didn’t want to say goodbye, but I knew it was something that I had to do. Alcohol was beginning to have a power over me that no substance should have over anyone. I can’t say I’ll never drink again because I can’t look that far into the future. I have to take it one day at a time, but for right now I’m saying goodbye.

After I reflected on the letter it got me to thinking; What do people need to say good bye to, but they won’t or can’t. Do you need to say good bye to a toxic relationship or friendship? Do you need to say good bye to your unhappy work situation? Do you need to say good bye to alcohol as well? Maybe you need to say good bye to something less drastic like bad eating habits or bad spending habits. What ever you need to say good bye to, say good bye.

It may be difficult at first, and will take some getting used to. This thing you are holding on too could be the very thing holding you back. Saying good bye could be the fresh start you need. I didn’t want to say good bye to alcohol, but I had to. When I sat back and thought about it alcohol was poisoning my thoughts, I had to say good bye to save myself.

It hurt at first and it still does. I find myself lost not knowing what to do in situations where I would normally drink. Still I said good bye and I’m beginning to heal. I’m not sure what you need to say good bye to, but I implore you to do some self reflecting.

About The Author

Dash is a modern-day “classic” man. He’s a military man, a Alpha Man, a inspirational speaker and everything in between. You can find him at your next party being the life of it and always stressing to have a good time. Follow him on all social media needs @aguynamedash and @visionarypresentations

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