About Last Night: Drake in "The Shop

It’s no secret that Home Box Office has been a network that’s produced several shows that have dropped some black culture gems over the years. One of the latest, being an interview style show set in a barbershop called “The Shop” produced by LA Laker's very own Lebron James. The show features in depth discussions with some of our favorite public figures and stars, as they dive into personal and public matters all while talking to ‘the king’ himself. (That’s enough for the BronHive because this isn’t even about him)

This past Friday the show featured hip-hop's favorite Canadian mixed kid, Drake. In the hot seat, Drizzy discusses several topics; but what has the internet buzzing on a Saturday morning is the 10 minutes he spent discussing his beef with the ambassador of the ‘sunken place’, Kanye West. In the talk Drake takes us down memory lane to the moment in Wyoming when his relationship with G.O.O.D Music turned sour. It apparently started as a bromantic trip of musical collaborative bliss between the two of them. However, it ended with Kanye snatching his track, “Lift Yourself” back and laying down a Drizzy diss ghost written by Saint West himself.

Disclaimer, I would describe myself as being impartial to Drake, a person who grew up watching Aubrey on Degrassi: Next Generation. I have overall enjoyed my fence side view of the birth of Drake, he’s not on my G.O.A.T. list but the nigga has a special place in my Tidal favorites, so I digress. I am however a stan of hip-hop and it takes me back to May, when we witnessed another layer unfold of the tension between Drake and Pusha T. I had my fingers crossed for Drizzy’s unreleased track to resurrect him from his lyrical demise on the “Story of Adidon.” But as we all know, the track was ‘silenced’ by hip-hop OG J. Prince and our boy Drake went back to giving us the radio safe hits that we all love.

Last night, Drake broke his silence and had quite a bit to say about why he didn’t release his lyrical response to being called a dead-beat in a monkey suit. Watch it and decide for yourself how you feel about his explanation.

Through these lenses, it was a well-crafted PR move. That is why Drake will remain a well-deserved decorated Billboard posterboy but will never actually earn his place in the hip-hop hall of fame. This interview showed us that Aubrey by nature is a regular guy in his feelings, rapping about girls using dialects he picked up in his world travels. He maybe a connoisseur of battle rap, however he also can appreciate our fan thirst for proverbial blood baths over fire beats. Unfortunately, it will not be apart of his legacy.

It’s a personal choice, if you want to eat colloquial cow excretion from the same spoon that fed us, “Back to Back” and “Duppy Freestyle”. We may never know if Drake hopped out of the bed that he made with his demons, he couldn’t name for a daddy play date or he just wanted to make Lebron proud. We can only pray that one of Kanye’s personalities has a moment and leaks the unreleased diss-track.

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