Brah, We Made It

I recently read an article about a panel discussing the quality of life in Baltimore and how to turn around the misconceptions that are associated with living in Baltimore, an panel member made a statement that to a lot of city residents moving to the county is “making it”. That brings up a interesting question what is “making it”?

Through media, music, even family and friend influences we often think we know what making it is. A college degree, good job, family, and that big house in the suburbs aka “The American Dream” is often considered making it. The ability to purchase material possessions such as jewelry, cars, luxury goods and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle is making it to others. Retiring early and enjoying your golden years with no worries is making it to others. Athletes entering the pros, aspiring actors and actresses getting cast in their first role is making it. The ability to buy the latest iPhone every time it's released is making it for some. Hell a slacker waking up everyday, doing nothing may be making it.

These are all attributes of making it, but truth be told making it and being successful is ultimately up to the individual person. There are many ways to be successful in life and make it. It falls on what you decide is most important to you in life.

Want a masters degree? go for it you made it. Want to visit all seven continents and numerous countries? Shoot for the moon damnit so you can make it. Want to be a public servant and help those in need? You’re making it cause your making a difference in the world. Aspire to attend a Super Bowl no matter the team? Do what you gotta do. Want to drink a bottle of henny everyday after a hard days work? Do that shit.

The concept of “making it” is all based on what you decide you want out of life, your personal and professional goals, and doing what makes you happy. Aspiring not to get sucked in the rat race of life of doing the same thing over and over. If you can identify everything you wish to do in life and accomplishment a majority of it or hopefully ALL of it, you’ve made it. Pay society's definition of the "dream" no mind. Hold your head high and let everyone know your living the dream. You define what "making it" is, not society.

About The Author

B.Easy is the co-host of Talkin' Suplexes. He's a self-professed geek loving movies, wrestling, comic books, and using his imagination. Goal in life is become to a world traveler and get paid to hop on lear jets. Follow him on Instagram @iam_beasy

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