Breaking up with Social Media: 30 day cleanse

“And we back and we back and we back. Neh neh neh” – Chance The Rapper

July 28th, 2017 6:48a:

“She’s so fucking pretty… *like*”


“I wish I had her body… *like*”


“My life is so fucking boring…*likes vacation pic*

Sometimes I need to take breaks from my life as a whole – however it’s hard to go MIA for 30 days…you know without that whole “missing persons report” thing happening so I started at social media. I had to take some time away from social media. It was honestly consuming every single part of my day. In the shower. Driving. On the toilet. Walking. On the phone. All times. It was consuming my time and my mind. I needed to detox. So for 30 days I isolated myself from two platforms. Facebook and Instagram was incorporated in my life everyday all day. I could say I didn’t care – but momma ain’t raise no liar. I started to become too cynical of my own accomplishments. From the time I woke up no matter the time I scrolled through IG feeds that seemed more impressive than mine. I was constantly comparing myself to others, I stated before social media creates comparison. I’m not above feeling like I’m not pretty enough. Feeling like I don’t have enough. Feeling like I’m not living. We’ve all felt it at some point. If you say you haven’t – stop, you know your momma ain’t raise no liar. I went from using social media for motivation to comparison. I found myself constantly putting up imaginary deadlines for myself. Comparing my body although I was losing weight. Falling for the social media façades. Feeling like I’m missing out. Why was I constantly caught up on the fictional aspects of the social world. It was overwhelming af. I cold-turkeyed the apps and everything that came with them. Normally I’d wake up in the morning, of course pee & brush my teeth but I’d also sit scrolling on socials for 15 to 2- I don’t even know how many minutes. On July 28th I woke up, unlocked my phone and held down the icons they shook. I proceeded to hit the “x” attached.

“Delete Instagram?” *delete*

I googled “How to deactivate Facebook”

-clicked through the link-

They wanted you to choose from a list of reasons so I quickly clicked at random.

*deactivate facebook*

“Delete Facebook?” *delete*

This was probably the first time I ever went without them for a solid 24 hours. I wanna say any other time I went without was by force. Meaning my phone was either

A) Broken


B) Dead

And it was awkward no lie. I almost felt like I was going through withdrawal. Okay I’m being a little dramatic but it was boring. Like I wanted to bang my head on the wall. Whole time I’m thinking to myself “ Is it that deep sis?” Going into it the intent was just to go as long as I could without it. However I decided to challenge myself let me go a week. That week came and went. Hmm, let me go another week. That week came and went. During this isolation, I felt free. And I know it may sound crazy but it was therapeutic – I read, I disconnected, I looked up how to meditate, I connected with customers without the platform, I caught up on things happening in my area, I prayed and I hit my weight loss goal. I retreated into my inner sanctuary. I got to see how productive I could be without it. How good I could feel without the comparisons. Logging off of social media allowed me to check back into reality. Allowing a chance for me to be grateful and appreciative of the things I do have even if they aren’t the most lavish. The ability to refocus can come from isolation. And this can come in so many forms not just social media but when I left I spent more time engaged in actual conversation — how many times do we pick up our phone or scroll social media in a social setting? Instead of really connecting? Before I knew it I looked up and 30 days had passed. And I will do it again and again and again. The isolation helped me reconnect and reevaluate. Every time I feel myself comparing or being unappreciative of my own journey I’ll isolate myself again. It’s so important to run your own race without looking to the left or the right of you. I think periods of detoxing have been beneficial on a day to day. I’m not online every day, all day and I feel relieved. Moving forward social media will not determine my worth. It’s easier said than done. Just have to constantly remind myself I’m being the best ME on MY time – on GOD’s time. “Likes” don’t determine your value. Are they nice to have? Sure. I want people to like my blogs, pictures and posts but it’s not a dire need. It doesn’t determine my value. Instagram initially had no value we – the users – give it value. It’s just a platform that’s it. It’s about appearances. We overhype the necessity of it. DON’T PUT ANY EXTRA THOUGHT INTO IT. We determine how much it can influence our thoughts. Use it as a tool. Market yourself. Post things that make you happy. Do not stop pushing your brands or posting your photos whether it’s getting 3 likes or 300. Just don’t dwell on it too harshly. Moderation is key. Take a break if need be, for as long as you want. For as many times as you want. And remember, you’re doing fine. PERIODT!

Love Y’all + Stay Up ♥


About The Author

Nise (NisetheNatural) is a blogger and beader from Baltimore. She’s been a writer for almost a year blogging various topics from finance to relationships. She is also a co-host on the upcoming podcast The College Dropouts describing day to day millennial experience. Nise loves to socialize, make connections and start a dialogue within her writing. Follow her on social media @nisethenatural_ and @qweenkartel.

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