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We often hear “Anal Sex and lose our fucking minds FACTS. But don’t be so quick to frown upon such a salutary act. Anal sex is just as fun, important, and beneficial to our overall health. Yup, I said it. I’m here to convince you why you should at least try it once or a thousand times. Forget about the fact that it keeps the immune system in great shape, NO WAY! Now and days we couldn’t care less about our immune system, RIGHT? You are wrong once again my friend. Because of the exercises involved it introduces your antibodies to all sorts of different things. We all want to something that’s produced in response to counteracting a specific antigen, right? Maybe I’m too deep for you promise to keep it simple from here on out. A lot of you have gastrointestinal issues. A lot of you do not have a proper diet, not getting enough fiber and it’s hard for you to pass your bowels guess what anal sex can help with that. YIKES! I’m losing you I know! Hey man here’s the fun part. Guys listen up anal sex is very pleasurable for men because it is 5X tighter than the vagina. Just hearing that gets me excited. Men get off to pressure, men also love to feel powerful and dominant so why not allow them to that here. Ladies this one is for you. The anus has an enormous amount of nerve endings so the pleasure you experience is two times greater than the pleasure you receive from vaginal intercourse. In addition to having a pleasurable experience, the G Spot can be reached when a man’s penis is entered through the anus pushing against the vaginal wall. For my couples who may have been lacking intimacy or maybe you are just bored with regular intercourse this will in fact bring you closer. To have anal sex you must become vulnerable physically and trust that your partner is taking the proper precautions we wouldn’t want him to puncture anything right? Anal Sex is a good way to eliminate the fear of pregnancy and running red lights. Most women are extremely aroused during their menstrual cycles and need ways to release try this. Did you all know that sperm is a natural anxiety reducer, anti-depressant, and it improves the quality of sleep. Well fill me up baby. There are a million other benefits to having anal sex, I could go days and hours but I’d rather not. Trust me and ladies we aren’t the only ones who like to get poked. Men too love this pleasurable experience. Talk about sexual diversity. Until next time.

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