Album Review "Man of the Woods"

Mr. Sexual White Chocolate is back ladies and gentlemen! Time and time again Justin Timberlake delivers his signature sound of feel good music, but this time paying homage to his southern roots and adoration for his family. "Man of the Woods" delivers a prominent influence of an intergalactic sound that caresses country undertones with modern melodies intertwined. With only two features, Alicia Keys and Justin serenade us on "Morning Light". While "Say Something" featuring Chris Stapleton is an ode to country lovers. As "Filthy" begins, you immediately feel a sense of seduction that's he's mastered over the years. Perfecting sensuality yet mastering maturity that most of us can identify with when getting older. His profession of love for his wife in "Man of the Woods" and "Wave" is clear and unapologetic. That vibe continues with song "Flannel." It’s clear that Justin has chosen isolation from people and things in order to find peace and self awareness. "Living off the Land" assures it’s listeners that life is hard, we all go through things, but finding your inner strength is imperative for well being. It's refreshing to hear a man's perspective on life and love. He closes this chapter with "Young Man" a song to his son on the does and donts of being a man. This albums' ability to blend a futuristic sound with country and soul is one of many reasons to give this body of work a listen! If you love rhythm and blues, can appreciate country music or want to feel sexy... you'll love Man of the Woods.

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