God’s Plan was the 1500Radio Takeover

Bad things

It's a lot of bad things

That they wishing' and wishing' and wishing' and wishing'

They wishing' on me- Drake

Many have wished bad things upon 1500 Radio but we manage to always come out on top. With taking on twelve new shows, numbers improving and staying focused we managed to achieve many goals that we had outlined in our last winter workshop.

This year our wonderful coordinator Becca Bak created an inspiring, informative, phenomenal and insightful workshop. She created an experience that we can remember and discuss for a lifetime.

The workshop was created to simulate our brains, improve our brands, and grow as a family.

From learning how to obtain a media pass, to improving our social media, and obtaining sponsors, here is an overview of what we discussed:

Media Pass- We discussed researching the event before attending, preparing our credentials, making contact with the press office for the event, and being persistent in obtaining a press pass. We also discussed never giving up and continue to strive for the pass.

Branding- We discussed using great photos when you are posting on your social media, define your niche, become the media, improve your culture, and most importantly “be true to you”.

Social Media- We discussed making sure you use different hashtags, being human, knowing your audience, and building relationships with other 1500 Radio shows by posting there shows and content.

Sponsors- We discussed being clear about your demographic and your platform, having a great proposal, don’t ever sell you or your brand short, and the main key is always follow up.

Now since our brains were stimulated for close to three hours, 1500 Radio is determined to aim for greatness.

We are a station filled with successful people and we maintain a positive focus in life. No matter what is going on around us, we know that we are the best. We are determined to expand our brands, our audience and our content. We are winners that have recognized our God given talents and we will work hard to develop and use the skills that we discussed at the workshop to accomplish all of our goals.

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