1500 Radio Winter Workshop — From the Eyes of our newest show’s member — “Sye” of Red Zone Radio

February 4, 2018






Have you ever had an orange glazed croissant tourney melt, while learning how to better yourself and your brand? Well after yesterday, I can say, I have.

Laughter rang out as you entered a room full of smiling faces, genuinely having fun, learning about one another. Attention to detail and memory was a must for the icebreaker already in progress.

A lunch spread occupied the back of this intimate space, housing an informative workshop. (Good choice of food for the time of day).

Information flowed, as opinions and suggestions were heard from every angle of the room. It's safe to say, everyone in attendance was involved. Engaged in the betterment of each other, individually and the brand as a whole.

1500 radio is definitely a vibe; A Family affair. A family of brand building, personable, welcoming, entrepreneurs. 1500 Radio is ABSOLUTELY more than just a space!





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