The Big Five

I attended a vision board party on Sunday and it really got me to thinking. This was the first time I had ever done a vision board, but I also had no idea what my vision was for 2018. I wrote down my goals and came up with this. I know it’s simple and not very artistic, but it speaks to my vision for 2018. I’m dubbing 2018 The Big Five. I will be focusing on 5 major areas of my life this year.

1. Breakthrough

2017 was a bit of a struggle for me. I was challenged with so many things, and I want to have a major breakthrough this year. I was challenged with depression, contemplated suicide, emptiness, and alcoholism. 2018 will be a break though year for me. I am determined to change my mindset therefore altering my perspective and realizing that I have something to live for. I will defeat these challenges in 2018.

2. Being Me

I think so often people are afraid to truly be themselves because they are afraid of what people will think. In 2018, I’m moving past that. For so many years I hid my thoughts and feelings because I felt like no one cared and people wouldn’t understand. This year I’m working on just sharing my thoughts because I feel like I have knowledge and wisdom that really might help someone. I’m also going to work on improving myself, starting from the inside and working my way out.

3. Education

My life’s purpose is to educate and inspire people. In 2018 I’m determined to live and work in that purpose. Whether that be working in education, or taking my speaking and presentations to the next level. It’s up to me to live my purpose and this year I’m going to work towards it.

4. Love

I’m not expecting to find the love of my life this year lol, but I have some things to work on. I’ll be 30 this year and it would be nice to find my life partner, but I can’t find her if I don’t love myself first. In 2018 I want to work on loving myself and feeling like I am somebody worth loving.

5. Content Creator

I was blessed with a message and some great ideas. In 2018 I’m determined to be more consistent with the content I create and produce. I have some amazing ideas that I’m going to begin working on so that I can bring them to fruition. I was blessed with a message and I will inspire people. Be on the look out because this year Visionary Presentations will be going to the next level. Please check out my blogs, podcasts, presentations, and YouTube videos. Visionary Presentations, Changing lives one message at a time.

About The Author

Dash is a modern-day “classic” man. He’s a military man, a Alpha Man, a inspirational speaker and everything in between. He can find him at your next party being the life of it and always stressing to have a good time. Follow him on all social media needs @aguynamedash and @visionarypresentations

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