Critics vs. Word of mouth

This past weekend Netflix released their most ambitious original film yet “Bright". A 90 million dollar film starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayer who wrote films like Training Day, the 1st Fast and Furious film, S.W.A.T. and Dark Blue. He also directed Street Kings, End of Watch, and Suicide Squad. The film was also written by Max Landis who wrote Chronicle. A pretty impressive pedigree for this film. Reviews came out and critics absolutely slandered the movie. Calling it the worst movie of 2017 and a dud. I watched the movie and enjoyed it, I enjoyed the action, the concept, the world that was built and teased enough without giving away to much. Reading social media and message forums, a lot of other people enjoyed the film as well. It had flaws, but what film doesn’t? That poses a question while critics have a job to do, can you really take a critics recommendation seriously? Now there are some projects that are flat out terrible and can be agreed upon throughout every part of the critic/audience ecosystem. But there seems to be a consistent divide between what critics and the general population view as good films. The average person when they sit down and watch a film want escapism for a few hours. Critics are paid to dissect films, sometimes they can go overboard on their dissection. Thus destroying films that don’t deserve the hate. When it comes to films that one may be iffy about, I think sometimes you have to take word of mouth from average people opinions , wayyyy more than you would a critic. If not you run the risk of missing a film that is actually very good. Critics are needed, they can provide a account of what to expect before people spend their money and time invested in something that may not be worth it. However often times they are not the intended audience for the film their reviewing. General audience members may be blindly loyal to a particular brand or actor/actress, but for the most part they won’t steer you wrong. In my opinion when your unsure of a movie, ignore the critics and listen to word of mouth you’ll make out better in the end.

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