Change, one of the few things in life that are constant and consistent. Change is a guarantee in life, depending on the circumstances it can be a change for the better or the worst. As we move closer to a new year making changes is always brought up. People want to make changes for the better in their personal life. Along with change being consistent, it is also one of the hardest things in life to do. Not sure if it’s because of fear of what will happen if the change is not successful. Change can bring a sense of uncertainty especially in the beginning stages. Change also brings strong resistance, some people are just purely unwilling to really make a change. Right now our society is experiencing that resistance in several regards. No matter how many cry’s have been heard for gun reform after multiple acts of senseless violence, there are still people who oppose any type of gun reform for any reason. No matter how much fight there has been for an improvement in race relations, there are those who oppose that. Either due to their own ignorance or own insecurities, they attempt to stand by their opinion in the name of patriotism. People have been asking for school reform for years, much of it in the way students are taught or the curriculum they are taught, to better prepare them for the game of life and to relate to them better. Yet there are still decision makers who stand by the out of date and out of touch curriculum. There are a few changes that appear to be occurring for the better. People are becoming more conscious about what they eat, and how important maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is. Taking control of our finances and proper budgeting is something a lot of people are becoming more aware of. The recent Hollywood scandals of predators seems to be changing the course of Hollywood wheelers and dealers. Alternative forms of medicine that actually assist in curing ailing patients is becoming more accepted. Homosexual relationships and marriages are becoming more accepted. I often wonder is society change a case of the “old guard” being the primary decision makers, and as younger generations come along the tune will change? Or do the majority of the population have a “it’s always been done this way” approach to things. The same rule applies to individuals, some people have a thought process that they’ve always ate like shit and never been sick and will continue to do so. One thing to keep in mind change is very important to promote evolving not just as a society, but as people as well. This new year let’s vow to make our own personal change for the better, but also find a cause society needs to make a change for the better on and champion that change. Like the great Michael Jackson said if you wanna make a change, look in the mirror.

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