She’s Gotta Have It: Review

This Holiday Weekend I was doing what most of you were doing: eating turkey, spending time with family, and…binge watching Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” of course.

I have seen a couple of Spike Lee’s film like “Do the Right Thing,” “She Hate Me,” “Clockers,” and “School Daze” to name a few, but this series resonated with me more than I could imagine. She’s Gotta Have It speaks to the modern millennial free spirit. This Netflix series challenges common societal views in more ways than one:

  1. Monogamy is too much like right…

Our heroine Nola Darling doesn’t subscribe to labels or to the view that one man (or woman) can give her all she needs. She will not be an object to possess. Nola is a woman that is very open to her lovers about her expectations and her Polyamorous lifestyle. Nola’s frankness is something to be admired, she’s very upfront about who she is and will not apologize for it.

  1. Gentrification is not real, is it?

Since the show is based in Brooklyn, Gentrification is one of the main topics of discussion throughout this season. Like many urban neighborhoods around the country, Nola’s neighborhood is facing much change. Gentrification poses a threat to black and brown cultures of the “ghettos.” People that have grown up in these neighborhoods their entire lives can be uprooted in seconds because of the rise in rent. These urban neighborhoods are becoming trendy and up-and-coming real estate. However, some supporters of gentrification urge that this process improves the quality of the community and bring news business to said communities.

  1. The Black Female Form is here for your amazement

Nola, and the many women in her life, struggles daily with how the world views her. The show addresses the issues with how catcalling and grabbing women on the street can serve a traumatic event for a woman. As Nola walks home alone one evening she is persistently catcalled and ignores it. However, the young guy grabs her forcefully and she fights her away from him. The man subsequently yells that he didn’t want her anyway and calls her a “Black B****.” Next, Nola’s friend Shamekka struggles with her body image to the point where she decides to undergo a “black-market” booty surgery. She then gets the attention she needs, but it comes with a serious price: her health. The surgery caused an infection in her bloodstream and the faulty materials used to plump her butt exploded when Shamekka fell. She’s Gotta Have It definitely pushes the envelope to show how the Black Female has to push past what others may think and appreciate her own beauty.

  1. My Blackness can be nothing more than ignorance

Nola’s lover Jamie is from one of the harshest neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Brownville. Jamie had to fight his way to success and this was not an easy feat. Jamie’s wife, presumably a biracial woman, reminds him that his slang and word choice at times is ghetto and she doesn’t want her son to demonstrate the same sort of behavior. When their son Vergil creates a video in white face to bring attention to racism and the N-Word, Jamie tells his son he should never be ashamed of being black and should not apologize for being fortunate. Vergil goes to an esteemed private school and feels that he does not fit in. Black culture should never be associated with ignorance; we all should know where we come from as we progress into who we are.

She’s Gotta Have It did an awesome job in telling the story of the millennial woman. Now, we are all not as freethinking as Ms. Darling but I can appreciate that she stands her ground on her passions, beliefs, and her work as an artist. I cannot wait for Season 2!

Written by: Cydney Actie Of

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