Ticketmaster Woe's

Plain and Simple Ticketmaster is a crock of shit!!! Friday I attempted to buy Bruno Mars tickets for his upcoming show at the National Harbor MGM casino. Myself and three other people I know, all logged on before 10:00 am to secure a spot. 10:00 am the tickets released and……Nothing!! No seats available, which is even worse because there wasn’t a presale. Wait 15 minutes and all the tickets are available for resale on all the secondary sites.

How in the world is that possible? For years Ticketmaster has been dogged by complaints and lawsuits. The outrageous fee’s that come with purchasing a ticket, the poor customer service, but no complaint is louder than “bots” and brokers buying all the tickets before actual fans are able to purchase any. Yet it seems nothing is really being done to prevent this.

Ticketmaster claims they want to prevent these occurrences from happening, but it happens entirely too often without any resolution or even a care from Ticketmaster. Sure people can go to resale sites such as StubHub, Vivid seats, even Ticketmaster owned TicketsNow, but the markup on those tickets price most people out of purchasing them. The markup becomes even more outrageous for extremely in demand events.

So how many pissed off people have to complain before Ticketmaster really does something? Unfortunately, they have a headlock on the ticket provider game. The closest Competitors are AXS and Ticketfly, and neither have the market share or clout to really take a stab at Ticketmaster’s market share.

The indifferent attitude Ticketmaster seems to display towards this ticket availability issue sends mixed messages to the public. On one hand their brand will continue to get dragged through the mud due to unhappy customers, on the other hand they are pretty much a monopoly on event tickets. Where are we going to go for first hand access? How can we fix this? Will they ever really care and go after those who break the rules to purchase insane amounts of tickets? I do know this it creates a dogged fan experience for people who just want to see their favorite artist, or attend a bucket list type event. Ticketmaster get your shit together!!!

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