Legend's Who Let Us Down

Colin Kapernick has become a rather controversial fella within the last year, after initially sitting then kneeling for the National Anthem as a means of protest against social justice. He has been considered a hero or villain depending on who you talk to, been blackballed from the NFL, and everyone has an opinion on him even though he’s kept his head down and keep his activism alive. Recently two “legends” in the black community shared their thoughts on Colin. Jim Brown who was an civil rights activist himself during his playing days in Cleveland and after he retired. Jim Pretty much said not standing for the national anthem is like shitting on the flag and Colin needs to pick between football and activism. Jim has gotten his fair share of backlash for his statement. The other “legend” George Foreman criticized Colin and others such as Kevin Durant for not being patriotic, or looking for attention and mentioned he supports Trump and feels he is a great president. George has also received backlash and been labeled all kind of coons. Now my question is are these two coons or are they out of touch with reality? Both men became successful off of brutal sports that they turned into an opportunity for other lucrative businesses. George Foreman is in his late 60’s while Jim Brown is in his early 80’s. They were smack dab in the middle of the civil rights movement and the struggles of black people during that time...now they seem to have forgotten about it. I’m gonna play devils advocate here but we must remember though that their reality is different from the average reality. We all know money changes things your life, your opportunities, and the circle you associate with. George more than Jim has a lot of money that has put him in a certain circle. Being famous and rich he doesn't experience racism the same way most people do, his thought process and views on things have changed. Same for Jim Brown. Combine their status with their older age and it’s clear they’ve lost touch and their reality is much much different. We’ve seen similar situations with Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan, and the original famous coon O.J. Simpson. We call them names, question their blackness, talk about how disappointed we are in them and more. However we never really stop and think about how much different their life is…...until they go broke. They are no different from an regular person who grew up in the hood, becomes successful and moves their family wayyyy out in the suburbs to keep them from certain elements. Instead of getting bent out of shape by their comments we must learn to understand they just don't get it and at this point won't get it. We have to focus our energy on working towards legit goals that can legitimately changed things, George and Jim have lived their lives and at this point their gonna be who their gonna be, detached from how the real world is now. We just have to chalk it up as an lost and keep pushing.

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