A Young Man’s Perspective-Authenticity

In a world full of likes, Is anyone their authentic self anymore? I recently watched an episode of Black Mirror. A Netflix series that offers a series of different stories about how technology could possibly affect mankind if we stay on our current path. In the episode titled Nosedive, people are able to rate you with an app based on your interaction with them. You can receive up to 5 stars, and then you are given an average. With people being at least a 4.5 or higher looked as at as the social elite, while those with 2.5 and below looked as an the bottom tier of the social ladder. The episode revolves around the main character trying to go from a 4.2 to a 4.5 in order to receive a 20% discount on a nice new apartment. At first everything seemed feasible. She would make a great speech as the made of honor in her old friends wedding and the guest, all 4.5 or higher, would be so impressed with her speech that they would give her at least 4 stars raising her rating. Murphy’s Law took hold and nothing went to plan. Without spoiling the episode, everything that went wrong could go wrong and she actually ended up hurting her rating more than she did helped it.

Watching the episode got me to thinking. What if we evolved to a point where likes became our currency? We consume so much content as it is, and we all know that one person who seems like they would post anything for a like. Receiving likes is really nothing new. The only thing that has changed is now we have a way to quantify those likes. It may not be said, but their is an underlying rule that the more likes you get the more popular you are.

My question is, with people seeking likes, and some willing to do anything to get one. Does authenticity still exist. Is anyone their authentic self anymore. Social Media gives us the ability to show only the aspects of our lives we would like to share. For example, I got my nickname “Champagne Dame” from my IG because there are several pictures of me popping bottles. What’s rarely seen is my more depressing moments. This isn’t necessarily bad. Most people are hesitant to show the more vulnerable side of themselves on social media.

I believe their are some people who do show their authentic selves on social media. I know I try my best too. I try to share Dash as much as I share Damein. My point is, don’t loose yourself. We want likes on social media because we want to be liked in real life. There is nothing wrong with that. Human beings need that affirmation, but don’t lose yourself in the process. I once saw a kid eat a piece of shit on vine because he got 500 likes. We should never get to that point. He literally grabbed a piece of shit from the toilet and ate it for 500 likes. Some call it sick, I call it sad. We can’t lose ourselves or our self respect for likes because at that point you are no longer your authentic self. You are who you think, people want you to be.

About The Author

Dash is a modern-day “classic” man. He’s a military man, a Alpha Man, a inspirational speaker and everything in between. He can find him at your next party being the life of it and always stressing to have a good time. Follow him on all social media needs @aguynamedash and @visionarypresentations

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