Mayweathers Legacy

Tonight is the highly anticipated match between Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor. Mayweather is considered one of the greatest if not the greatest boxer of all-time, while Connor has his own rounds of success in the UFC world. Both are brash, arrogant, love nobody like they love themselves guys. Some even consider both assholes, which they both can be. One thing for sure is they are both smart businessman and excellent fighters who have bought interest back into boxing that hasn't been there since Mayweather fought Pacquio. Over the past twenty years boxing has lost its popularity to mixed martial arts particularly UFC, Mayweather has been seen as the last true boxing superstar, highly skilled and talented while also having justtttt enough personality to keep fans entertained in the boxing world. Connor has had his fair share of entertaining moments and success as well. While This fight is considered a exhibition there is an lingering question hanging around. If Mayweather loses to Mcgregor is his legacy tarnished? Mayweather is pound for pound the best boxer over the past twenty years, his footwork, style, and patience in the ring has made him one of a kind. Tied with Rocky Marciano for a 49-0 record, a win here will put him on the top all by himself. Mcgregor is a skilled Mma champion who is stepping into Floyd's world in boxing. The one thing Mcgregor has that can be seen as an advantage is the 8 oz gloves they’ll be using which Connor is used to, as opposed to the s 10 oz boxing gloves which are standard for the 157 weight class. That small detail shouldn't really be a hindrance to Floyd if he's trained properly using those size gloves, I highly doubt it will happen but let's say Mcgregor beats Floyd. That would tarnish Floyd's record, his company, even his mouth. How could a man as braggadocious as Floyd confidently talk as much shit as he does if he gets knocked out? A man who has fought some of the best fighters boxing has ever seen and defeated all of them, a man who trains with such attention to detail and dedication. Who retired on top as to not make a joke of himself. A lost to Connor I don't think he could come back from, not only Floyd but boxing in general. Floyd would be considered a joke, which in turn boxing would be considered a joke. It would lose even more popularity and interest from casual fans. A lot of people don't like Floyd’s character but respect his craft, how much respect would he lose if he suffers a knockout? On the other hand how much would Connor gain being seen as the guy most unlikely to defeat Mayweather, and succeeding. Right now is the perfect time for Mayweather to get the younger generation interested in boxing. This whole event is one big show for both mans egos, pockets, and get some much needed hype in the boxing world. On the flip side Floyd has to be thinking about how much more he has to lose in the grand scheme of things, should he suffer a defeat to Connor. Depending on how things go his legacy will be cemented or tarnished and we will be tuned in to find out.

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