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In my last blog I covered Marvel’s “MCU” and the growing concern that eventually the shared universe would become to cumbersome. Since the MCU has became wildly successful, Hollywood does what Hollywood does best and looked to create their own film universe. Universal is trying with iconic horror characters in their “Monsterverse” (Mummy, Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein). Paramount is creating a “Transformers” Universe and are currently filming a “Bumbleebee” standalone movie, even though they should have stopped long ago with Transformers. There’s the Godzilla, King Kong universe. Of course there is the DCEU universe starring D.C. Superheroes and is Marvels biggest competitor.

Since the DCEU began with “Man Of Steel” for the most parts their films were considered failures. “Batman vs. Superman” was horrible, “Suicide Squad” while enjoyable was flawed, this year's “Wonder Woman” was the first D.C. Movie that was successful, and hopes are high for this fall’s “Justice League”, I hope Justice League is an enjoyable film. Despite the failure of most DCEU films so far and the lack of uncertainty and overall direction in the universe, DC has crafted a plan where they may get a leg up on Marvel.

News released this week that D.C. was planning a Joker origin movie that was it’s own story and not tied at all to the DCEU. Following that was news that D.C. was planning a new line of films that are stand alone movies, this is something I think can turn the tide of superhero movies. As much I enjoy Marvel movies me being the fan I am likes to connect the dots. That can become more cumbersome than it already is. Stand alone films give fans a chance to enjoy the movies without worrying about the payoff three movies down the road in another character's film.

These new movies also give the creators of these films reign to tell their own stories without trying to cram in the overall arc of the DCEU. The Joker movie reportedly is being developed as a crime film set in the 80’s devoid of Batman. That in itself would put a new spin on the Joker and give the actor filling that role a chance to make the Joker his own.

This route would also open the door for D.C. to create films around characters that are second tier characters and don't fit into their overall goal of the DCEU. Characters such as Nightwing, Bumbleebee, Constantine, Swamp Thing, maybe a Legion Of Doom film, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, Robin, Batgirl, Supergirl there's endless potential. D.C. may even opt to go the route Disney took with Star Wars and create sub anthology films. D.C. Could even go the route that the Flash tv series employed from the comics and base films on the 52 earth story. This could offer exciting and fresh takes on characters and story's. Maybe on earth 1 Lex Luthor is the mastermind criminal we all know him to be…...but in earth 38 he’s the greatest superhero in the world.

D.C. has always had better animated films than Marvel Flashpoint Paradox, Son of Batman, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis to name a few. There tv series on cw which share their own little universe Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow for the most part are way better than Marvel tv shows. If D.C. is committed to taking this approach along with their DCEU they just might unsurp Marvel from their throne.

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