Movies to Catch in May

This past weekend Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released, helping kick off the summer blockbuster season. My quick review of GOTG 2 was that I enjoyed the movie, good action scenes and good acting butI felt it got bloated at times and some of the jokes fell flat. The core message of the movie was a very good one and in my opinion helped save the movie. The soundtrack also was very good the choice of songs were completely different than the first films, but it fit the story this one was trying to tell.

Now onto the summer blockbuster season I am a big movie buff. With everything that’s grasping for our entertainment dollars nowadays, I still really enjoy going to the movies on opening weekend with my popcorn and watching a movie I’ve anticipated seeing since it was announced. I always enjoy the trailers and sometimes wish I haven't seen most of them already by time I see it in theaters. Random rant aside this blog is about what movies to check out in May.

First up coming out Friday is King Arthur: Legend of the sword starting Charlie Hunnam (Jax from Sons of Anarchy). This rendition of the King Arthur is suppose to be put a gritty spin on this age old mythology explaining the origin of the Excalibur sword and King Arthur's rise. I honestly don't think it’ll be a good movie the King Arthur myth is a interesting one, but I don't think the market is there for a medieval tale no matter how “cool” their trying to make it.

For the ladies Snatched starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn as a mother and daughter on a exciting excursion will probably suck. It looks like another run of the mill movie meant to cash in on Amy's popularity and Goldie's star power with her generation.

May 19th brings us Alien: Convenant which I hope rights the wrongs bestowed upon the alien franchise from alien 3 all the way up to 2012s Prometheus. This movie has a lot of potential to introduce a whole new generation of fans to the alien world and continue to build on that legacy.

Also on May 19th is a reboot of the Diary of a wimpy kid franchise The Long Haul. Call me a big kid but I really enjoyed the original trilogy of the wimpy kid films and with the books still very popular hopefully the new films can maintain the fun, wacky adventures of a kid just trying to get ahead in life.

The Heavy hitters of May are Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Baywatch starring The Rock and Zac Efron I really think will be funny. The trailers have given enough hint of some over the top comedy and wisecracks but since it’s Rated R it’s the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure the jokes will be raunchy and hilarious and we’ll be laughing uncontrollably once it’s released.

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a fun if misguided film series. Lots of explosions, wild twist and turns, memorable characters. Everything you can ask for in a traditional summer blockbuster. After the so-so reaction to at worlds end and On stranger tides I hope Disney goes back to the streamlined formula that made the first one and parts of the second one work. Javier Bardeen as Capt. Salazar has potential to be a more cutthroat and frieghtening villain than Capt. Barbosa.

I’m including Wonder Woman even though it comes out in June since it’ll be released before I probably do my June suggestions. I was really apprehensive about Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is a very pretty woman but a eh actress. Along with the epic fails the D.C. Movie Universe has produced so far especially Batman Vs. Superman my hopes for this movie were low. The trailers have drastically improved my expectations and I’m turning the corner where I believe Gal can be a believable bad ass, exotic, amazon female warrior. Way more attractive and dangerous than Xena: Princess warrior. Not much has been given regarding the true villain which I think could be a good thing as some things you have to save for people actually seeing the movie. I’m hoping this film turns around the fortune of the D.C. Universe.

These are my suggestions for May check out one or check out all if you can. I’ll write up suggestions each month for blockbuster season...until next time.

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B.Easy is the co-host of Talkin' Suplexes. He's a self-professed geek loving movies, wrestling, comic books, and using his imagination. Goal in life is become to a world traveler and get paid to hop on lear jets.

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