Mix Tape Review: GetMoneyDummiez "Rare Breed 3"

This young Baltimore duo has been out for the past 3 years, but this is there first mix tape that they have ever released. With it being released in late Mach the numbers are slowly but steadily starting to grow. With 200+ views on Spinrilla. (Clicking on the picture will link you to Spinrilla to download) . With this being there first album, I'm not going to pump there head up and say that this the best one ever. It has some good song and some bad song, that in my judgement should not have made the cut. One of those songs for instance are "Crazy" But a song that I do think was well put together is "Let's just be a honest" . also where I felt that they made a left at, was that out of 9 of the songs 4 of them were freestyles. Having freestyles are not a problem, but in my opinion there should not have been four. I feel like you should have chose the best one and only put that on the mix tape. But again this there first mix tape so mistakes are going to be made. I do see them growing and maturing into there crafts, and if they continue into the future then i'm sure that they will succeed and become more successful. With this Mix Tape Review i rate it a strong 3. I know in due time it will only get better !!

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