Is Pepsi Inc. guilty of Social Prostitution?

Historically, the 1960’s civil disobedience and social resistance was never a glamorous movement, but, one entrenched in daily activism. It was predicated on eradicating racial segregation and discrimination against people of color as well as the disenfranchised. The 1960’s nonviolent movement was a slow and steady engagement and often required sacrifice and commitment to the cause. And, in many cases death resulted like notable civil rights activist, like Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton and Jonathan Myrick Daniels.

Even in 2017, many of the same injustices of police profiling & brutality, educational disparities, healthcare inequalities continue. So, to see that Pepsi Inc. gerrymandered its’ marketing strategy and pandered to celebrity microwave sensibilities by inserting Kendall Jenner (TV reality and Supermodel celebrity) in a social commercial where she offers law enforcement a Pepsi soda as a peace offering was irresponsible and social prostitution at best. Look! Pepsi Inc. selected Kendall Jenner solely because the Kardashian-Jenner clan has a brand strategy that is relevant and translates into revenue. They were not concerned if she lends her platform or money in support of social resistance movements like… Justice for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown-Ferguson, Freddie Gray-Uprising in Baltimore, Dakota Pipeline, LGBT or Black Lives Matter. I cannot recall seeing Ms. Jenner advocating, front lining-picket sign protesting or expressing her views on issues that trouble many Americans. In this climate of political and criminal justice uncertainty American consumers are no longer buying public figures faking it to they make it or using them to advance their own capitalistic agendas.

Social change requires all fashion of advocacy but, what it does not need are corporate pimps and celebrity prostitutes riding his back. Resist! Empower! Nation Building!

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