Album Review: President Davo "Forever"

President Davo has started making his name know since his single "I don't want to be a player", which came out and became a summer banger in 2015. Since then he made 4 mixtapes all available for download on For the past two years his view on YouTube has soared and they are only getting better. On this album Davo linked up with Young Moose for a a song called "Rainy Days" where they talked about the injustice that is going on in our community daily. He even referenced the late "Freddy Grey". With this album i see a lot of growth from where he stared from, even in his song "Brag" he talks of how he didn't have anything and that's why he brags now. With this Album , I give it 5 Stars. The whole album can be downloaded on iTunes as well. So go out and support the kid.

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