Childhood Reboot's

Childhood Reboots

This past weekend the rebooted Power Rangers movie was released. While I’ve seen mixed reviews I enjoyed it,and felt for the most part it did a decent job of updating the story for the times while still honoring the original. While nothing from my childhood except Ninja Turtles was bigger than Power Rangers, here are a few shows I think have reboot potential. As often is the case when one of our childhood favorites get’s rebooted whether we love it or hate it we always ask What’s next? I have a few candidates which I think should be rebooted. Jonny Quest is one I would love to see a live action adventure of. It would take the right casting with a villain who is believable yet a little campy. The Jonny Quest character has to be adventurous but not a smart ass teenager. Save the smart ass comments for Race Bannon. Send the team along with Dr. Quest, Hadji, and Jesse on a globetrotting adventure. I think it could be one of those “roller coaster ride” movies that need to come back. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? would be another great addition. If it is based around a team of 3-4 teenagers sent to track Carmen and her crimes down. If done right it could be a different spin adding heist films, spy films, globetrotting and adventure into one. I would love to see a overlooked show bought back as a rebooted show is GhostWriter. With a digital age spin on the sleuthing skills of the team I think it could have a new life and last longer than the original. Static Shock a little known DC comic that was a cartoon on the WB is overdue for a reboot. In the age of superheroes and the calling for more minority heroes, now is the time to bring Virgil and his powers back. A Static Shock movie fully displaying his powers and the science behind it, alot of children could pick up a interest in science. The two heavy hitters everyone has been begging for is Thundercats and Masters of the Universe. The technology is there to bring the thundercats and their adversaries to life. As Avatar and the Jungle Book have recently shown a whole world can be built using cgi and create a Third Earth that we could be immersed in along with the Thundercats. A Masters of the Universe movie has been teased for years. We’re tired of the teasing at this point. The original movie suffered from a low budget that severely affected the movies story and tone. Dolph Lundgren had the look of He-man but his acting wasn't there. We need a full movie on Eternia, a real look at Grayskull, battlecat, orko, some time with Prince Adam, great action, sword fighting and a Skeletor who is menacing. These are just a few properties I would like to see rebooted. Hollywood thrives on the nostalgia factor and honestly we as consumers eat it up. Whatever the next property is bought back to life we can love it or hate it but we’ll sit down and watch it.

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B.Easy is the co-host of Talkin' Suplexes. He's a self-professed geek loving movies, wrestling, comic books, and using his imagination. Goal in life is become to a world traveler and get paid to hop on lear jets.

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