Mix Tape Review: RonDreamz "G.D.A.S 2 (Green Dreamz And Soda 2)"

So this weeks Mixtape of for review is Baltimore, Maryland's one and only RonDreamz. This is his fifth mixtape out dropping recently in January of this year available on Spinrilla for download ( Click on the picture)

My favorite song from the album is the first one called "Reckless". After listening to other songs as well. In my opinion that is my only favorite. Don't get me wrong the album in whole is cool, but I also feel like because this is the 5th album that it could've been more. Again this is only my opinion but I feel like because he has been doing this for a good amount of time now RonDreamz shouldn't sound like the same RonDreamz from two albums ago. You should be bringing more to the table. So the rating for this MixTape from me is going to be 3.5 Stars out of 5. Nothin against RonDreamz, but I know that he is capable of doing way better and has the resources to do so.

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