Aries ♈️ don’t hold off on making plans because you’re unsure go ahead schedule the business meeting, go on that date or agree on that business deal their intentions will become clear before it’s too late

Taurus ♉️ like a bull in a China shop things can become chaotic...

Weekly Ratchet horoscopes

Aries ♈️ Time to start making those 2020 goals and by making them I mean write them down. Remember if it’s written it’s real

Taurus ♉️ hibernating much? Couples y’all been in the house away from friends time to go out and reconne...

Weekly Ratchet horoscope
11/17- 11/23

Aries ♈️ Love is in the air. Don’t keep your loved one guessing it’s ok to express those jealously or trust issues that’s been going on in your mind. Singles keep your mind, heart and neither regions in check

Taurus ♉️ Love is in...